Sunday, September 12, 2010

Harvest Heartstrings

Its turning to the time of year I love the most.


This is when I wish we already had our farm the most. That I would be out in the morning with the chill making the tip of my nose red and filling my basket with potatoes and squash.
This is when Harvest plays a tune on my hearstrings, a siren call of land and tilth and seasons.

But no farm yet so I'll have to satisfy myself by harvesting what I did plant.

My enormous tomato plant has finally made four tiny green tomatoes that I'm hoping will actually ripen before a frost kills 'em off.

My carrots are nice and fat, but we have so many from our CSA box I'm just going to leave them in the dirt for the time being, letting them get even bigger and fatter. 

The little bunny that was so cute three months ago is now a fat little bunny who has a taste for my spinach.  I feel like mean old MacGregor in the Peter Rabbit stories, but I'm about ready to turn Roy loose on him if he starts in on my carrots!

That's all the news here.  We're focusing on building more of a nest egg, and paying off my student loans.  Slowly and surely.