Why Thursday?

So you're wondering what the significance of Thursday is?

On a Thursday evening in June of 2005, my husband took me out on our first date. We sat on Coronado Island looking at the San Diego skyline as a rocket-sized meteor blazed through the early morning sky. It was magnificent, glorious, and earth splitting to say the least.

Six months after that first date Matt took me back to Cornoado and asked me if I knew what day it was. I was pretty bad at keeping track of those things so I didn't, but he pointed out it was a Thursday, and our six month anniversary.

To commemorate that, he wrote me a poem simply titled "Thursday."


Light creeps over shimmering darkness
Golden strands fall over calm inquisitive eyes

Melodies play Jazz with Chai breath breathing cool
The salt of night

Feet dangle precariously,
the edge of uncertainty supports their weight

Hazel searches through a wheat field on sunset,
Treading upon red beads

A bashful resilient smile whispers sincerity,
Introducing adoration to doubt

Essence gently nudges sincerity and depth,
Beneath city lights

Together they walk forward, meeting a familiar face…
“Hi there”
“Remember us?”
“You look familiar…”
“Let us introduce you to her…”
“To who…”
A blistering light illuminates ocean eyes upon which my heart sails
Come see the sky tonight, there is rumor of a magic in the air

Nearly two years to the day after our first date, Matt let me on a scavenger hunt ending at Coronado Island, where he dropped to one knee and asked me to be his wife.

It was a Thursday.