Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Addition and We're Moving

In case you missed it over on Your Morning Cup, Tatum Keturah was born on August 2 at 8:52pm. Here's a quick visual re-cap of the past six weeks:

You can read her birth story here if you're interested.

And we're moving.  Finally.  Thank You Jesus.

After a year of having the possibility of moving right around the corner, wondering if I should buy bulk or start saving boxes or get moving quotes, its finally here. 

Matt is going to be working at Mid-America Christian University and in six months will be able to start on his MBA for free, which will be an enormous blessing.  I might even try to get another BA in Literature or maybe a Master's in Public Administration--I really miss school sometimes.

MACU is located in Oklahoma City, so for the third time in three years we're packing up and headed to a new location.  We'll be driving nearly 3,000 miles on our Tour de Tatum, taking two weeks so that family along the route can get to meet our newest addition.

So wish us luck on our new endeavor.  We don't plan on being in Oklahoma forever, this is just the next step in the journey.  After that Matt might look into working with another outdoor company, maybe one based in Colorado but we'll have to wait a few years to see.  I have to say that having really cranked down and built up our savings is what's allowing us to do this move debt-free since MACU isn't paying for the relocation. We'll be living with my parents for a month or two once there so we can start to recoup some of our losses.

Until then, we'll be living our of our suitcases! See you in Okie Homie!