Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Home Brewed

For Father's Day I found Matt the perfect present on accident! While sorting the mail at work, I filed a Williams-Sonoma catalog and on the back cover there it was! An apartment-sized beer making kit!

Its made by the Brooklyn Brew Shop, and I purchased it from Williams-Sonoma for the same price.

Matt has mentioned a number of times how much he'd like to try his hand at making his own beer, but looking at what is normally used (two 5 gallon plastic buckets), he knew it wasn't something easily done in our teeny apartment that is quickly becoming overrun with baby supplies (and we're minimalists when it comes to baby gear!).

Enter this cute little kit. With only one gallon it can easily be stored on a pantry shelf to ferment.  It was affordable, and will be a great way to test out a new hobby for Matt. If he likes it, then once we move somewhere with a bit more room he can get the larger versions. Until then, if a batch turns out to be not-so-great then at least its just a gallon wasted and not 5! (t'would be such a shame to waste beer!)

We'll keep you posted on how it turns out! If he starts a batch this weekend, he should be able to toast one of his own beers in celebration of Tatum's birth!