The Vision

Photo by Dimitri Castrique


A garden large enough to sustain a family.

An orchard budding with apples, peaches and cherries.

Chickens, a goat, maybe a cow.

A vineyard stretching far over gentle hills in the bright sun, with a backdrop of majestic mountains.

A barn, or yard, or something big enough to host a wedding or big party. Lanterns hang year round.

Maybe by that point I'll be a good enough chef I can do the cooking, or be the wedding coordinator. Or the photographer. Or just try to do it all.

Woods where we can get a good supply of wood, and where our kids can go to explore in safety.

A fresh spring feeding a lake full of toads and ducks and water lilies, and where we can take a dip in the summertime to cool off.

Nestled in the woods a small bed & breakfast cottage and guest house.

A house big enough to hold a family but small enough to keep clean and uncluttered.

A large kitchen opening into a great family room that doubles as a homeschool room.

By that point I earn a decent income as a writer to be able to work from home.

My family lives within a day's drive.

This is The Vision of Thursday Farms.  That's all it is right now. A Vision.

But its a Vision with a Plan.

We don't know when we'll get there or exactly how. We don't even know which side of the Mississippi we'll end up on. But this isn't just a dream. Its a Vision so tangible we can set a compass by it, and we do.

Thankfully we're united in this Vision. It wouldn't work otherwise. We're yoked together, both pulling towards it.

This blog isn't like Your Morning Cup. It's not going to be filled with funny stories about Roy or recipes to try or how to make a duct tape dress form.  Its just about our Vision of Thursday farms and the steps we take to get there.

I'm a writer and I need a place to just write. Without over editing, without adding pictures, without trying to market myself. So this is it. If you're reading this, I hope you enjoy and that it inspires you to pursue your Vision to fruition as well.