Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meant to Have It to Give It Away

"Everybody ends up somewhere in life.  A few people end up somewhere on purpose.  Those are the ones with vision." --Andy Stanley
Part of the reason we feel this idea of Thursday Farms is more than a dream is it has stuck with us. Pressed on our hearts. Always in the back of our minds. 

Back in January I started reading Visioneering, and I'm starting it over and want to blog my way through it this time.

Re-reading in my journal some of my notes helps me see the farm in a bigger picture.

We're meant to have a big garden so if people don't have enough to eat they can work an hour or two and go home with good, fresh food.  Share fresh eggs and milk with our neighbors.

If a young couple just starting out can't manage the ridiculous costs of a wedding, we can offer a free location to host it.

Maybe a pastor and his wife would love a weekend away from ministry but can't afford it. They can stay at our B&B to rejuvenate.

One facet of this multi-faceted dream is to be able to teach yoga (yes, I'm a certified yoga instructor).  I would love to have a big deck or floored area outside that could be an outside, year-round yoga studio. A retracable awning and rain flys could shelter from rain and snow, space heaters to make the space comfortable, and when its nice and sunny you can open the entire thing up and bask in the sunshine.

I would love to be able to teach moms in the neighborhood who might not have the time or money to go to a studio. Each week one or two moms would watch all the kids while the rest got some time to themselves.

This book emphasizes that a "vision forms in the hearts of those who are dissatisfied with the status quo." Its a burden. Not just something you could do, but should do. I believe the church, not the government, should be the one to help those who aren't able. Hopefully Thursday Farms will be a part of that.

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