Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And The Vision Expands

Everyone, it seems, wants to live on Thursday Farms whenever its up and running. 

How fantastic would it be to have my in-laws on the east slope where my Papa Palmer can keep an eye on the vineyard, my grandma over the river and through the woods, and my parents in the valley where my Mom can teach Bible studies in the outdoor ampitheater? (this is just a scenario, family, no one get their panties in a twist cause they weren't mentioned!)

Oh, and Aunt June wants to live there too, as long as she has a porch, a rocking chair and a gun.  Aunt June lives in Alaska at the moment, so you'll excuse the gun comment.

Last weekend I was down in Orange County and we hosted a big ole beach bonfire. So many good friends came, and what I loved was so many of them were excited along with us about this vision.  And they want to come visit. Or help harvest.  Or make butter together. I LOVE it!

As for right now, our house (okay, one-bedroom basement apartment) could nearly double as a B&B with as many guests as we've been having! I adore having friends and family come up and stay with us...we're actually investing in some REI 3 1/2 inch camp beds so we can whip them out on a moment's notice! (I'm not a fan of air mattresses...) 

In other exciting news, we finished our No Spend Month on July 28th (a wee bit early), and this Friday we will officially be out of credit card debt!


Hallelujah, Jesus be praised and help us never go back there again!!! What a huge step for us in heading towards being completely debt free!

'Till next time, may you live within your means and beyond your dreams!

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