Saturday, August 7, 2010


Its a cool, drizzly morning and I have the most wonderful, contended feeling.  A breakfast of eggs, bacon and coffee, a warm fleece, the sliding door open to let in the cool breeze and the sound of rain in. And, I did something wonderful this morning:

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I clicked that darned button to pay off the full balance of our credit card!!!!


Do you know how good that feels! We even have to skimp a bit this week to make up for it but after a year of working towards this goal its worth it not to drag it out ONE MORE WEEK!!!

In other news, namely garden news, I got a small batch of snow peas I blanched and froze along with the snow peas from our CSA box.  That should last us 3 or 4 stir frys, at least!

My tomato plant is enormous...I mean, its as tall as I am!  Its a Brandywine, but I didn't know they grew that big!  I discovered a problem, though. Just when I was excited to get a few blooms...they would drop off! Reading in my Rodale's Organic Gardening book, I found that shaking the tomato might prevent this from happening.

I had head about this originally on Apartment Therapy's Re-Nest website, where they talked about the old wives tale of Beating Your Tomato With a Broom. 

So I've been giving it a try! I never liked tomatoes much anyways, so I get a certain satisfaction from smacking them around. 

And you know what?

Since I started I haven't seen any more blossoms drop! No fruit yet...but hopefully if I keep up the regular beating I will! 

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